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st. augustine's rc primARY SCHOOL- wittebome

St. Augustine’s was started at Springfield Convent in 1871 with an initial purpose of serving the local community. In 1936 the current site alongside the suburban railway was acquired as it was much more accessible to the community. By the early sixties the school was a dual-medium one, with one stream catering especially for the Afrikaans speaking Catholic pupils who travelled from Hout Bay.


Our school has remained popular both because of its tradition and because of its outstanding and consistent academic record.  By the early 1990’s the roll had stabilised at 860 learners, which was far more than the building could accommodate.


Despite the tremendous transition in the education arena, and the attempt at levelling the playing fields at Government level, our pupils are still constantly reminded of the privileges which they enjoy with parallel reference to less fortunate children as far as education is concerned. Although the majority of our learners come from struggling financial situations, they are nevertheless constantly reminded that there are many other less fortunate people who are in even greater need. Emphasis is thus placed on outreach and community awareness.

In addition, in keeping with the language policy of the country, Xhosa has been introduced into our curriculum as a second additional language.


Khanya Project:


Khanya provides the opportunity to expose our learners to new technological innovations and in doing so equip them with the necessary skills to enable them to be part of the emerging global economy.

Furthermore the Khanya Project would greatly assist the improvement and enhancement of literacy and numeracy in our community. This could also inspire learners wishing to pursue a career in the field of engineering and science.  Learners would also be afforded the opportunities to communicate and interact with other learners locally, nationally and internationally. Our more disadvantaged learners, who have limited access to research facilities, will have the opportunities to do so via the internet, in a safe environment.   Since technology is advancing at such a tremendous rate, we believe that by trying to keep abreast, we are equipping our learners for life. Our emerging democracy and economy needs young innovative people with the skills, values and attitudes which can add value to the ongoing process of nation-building. At St Augustine’s we hope to make a small but vital contribution to developing our learners as human resources. We believe that the  Khanya Project will make this possible.


In conclusion, our vision is not only to maintain the reputation of the high standard built up over the years in the education of the whole child, but to keep making greater strides in the spirit of  a ‘Community serving Humanity’.              

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Principal: Erin Groepes

Phone: 021 761 3114

Fax: 021 761 3166


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1 Clare Road


Western Cape


South Africa

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P O Box 18417


Zip / Postal Code: 7824

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