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st. konrad rc primer

In January 1935 (St Conrad’s celebrates its 80th anniversary in 2015) three Pallotine sisters (Sisters Clementine, Walburga and Entropia) and a priest (Fr Krebs) opened a mission school in an old wagonhouse with 13 children and no furniture in Waaikraal, about 30km outside of Oudtshoorn.  Life was very challenging on the mission station, with water a luxury commodity and poverty rife.  A parish and community centre soon evolved.  Apart from teaching the children, the sisters cared for the sick and taught sewing skills. The annals recall a history marked with hardship and many little joys – such as the blessing of the church bell on 11 August 1935 which was a gift from Fr Krebs’ home parish in Germany. The school ‘grew up’ alongside the parish. It was later placed under the Department of Coloured Affairs.  Over the years the school was enlarged to cater for the increasing numbers of learners.


Today St Conrad’s provides quality education (Gr R – Gr 7) and continues to play an integral part in the life of the Dysselsdorp community.  The school and parish are testament to the brave missionaries, many of whom died prematurely, who dedicated their lives for the betterment of others.



Principal: Wilfred Reed

Phone: 044 251 6395

Fax: 044 251 6395


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983 Baadjie St, Dysseldorp, 6628

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983 Baadjie St, Dysseldorp, 6628

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