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The Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross is a Swiss Congregation founded in Switzerland. The South African Province of the Congregation was founded from the General Motherhouse in Switzerland in 1883. This was the first time that a Catholic religious congregation had embarked upon missionary activity outside the confines of Europe.


Our school was founded in 1959. It started with one class in a small room attached to the local parish church. Holy Cross Sister Philomena Burgess was the first teacher & principal. With time Father Ward’s double garage was turned into a second classroom.


Later that year a large portion of the school was built.  Mr Peter Steensma recalls the late Father Ward saying, while holding the plans for the school, “ Peter, let’s build a school.” On the 3rd of April 1960, Archbishop Owen McCann blessed the school and Holy Mass was introduced that same decade. On the 21st May 1960, a new telephone was installed and by the 18 July that same year. Sister Kostka was appointed as the Sub B teacher. In October 1961 the first group of pupils had their First Holy Communion. Today 3 Sisters from Ireland are still involved in the school: Sr Francis, Sr Agatha, & Sr Eileen.


Religious Education and faith sharing is a vital part of the life and outreach of the whole school. Religious Education is taught by the teachers and by the Sisters. The weekly school-mass at Our Lady of the Assumption with parish priest Fr Stanley Botha, helps to enrich the children's spirituality.



Mini-Cricket, Senior Cricket, Mini-Netball, Netball, Ball Skills, Soccer, Movement, Drama, Arts and Crafts, Music, Individual instrument classes for recorder, guitar, piano and violin.

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Principal: Carol Du Plessis

Phone: 021 511 4337

Fax: 021 511 9690



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162 Koeberg Road Brooklyn

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162 Koeberg Road Brooklyn 7405

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