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star of the sea convent school

Star of the Sea School is uniquely situated along a beautiful stretch of False Bay  coastline in St. James, Cape Town, South Africa.  It is a school with a long history, its buildings having been completed in 1908.


As a Catholic Dominican School, Star of the Sea has a distinctive religious character. The school aims to incorporates the latest educational methods while maintaining the school’s traditions and Christian and moral values. The vision of the school includes educating and forming well balanced children with high self-esteem who have the ability to adapt to the changing world. Among other things, it also aims to ensure a high standard of education, discipline and Christian values, by maintaining quality teachers and small classes.


Learning at Star of the Sea is done in a firm, yet relaxed atmosphere and the children make use of the seaside facilities across the road for environmental lessons, as well as using the swimming pool for physical education lessons.




Cultural: Ballet, Helen O’Grady Speech & Drama, Piano, Guitar, Recorder, Cultural Clubs, Eco Club, Arts & Crafts, Eco club, beach clean-up, Entrepreneurship,Life Skills Programme, Leadership Course

Sports: Ball skills Fitness, Netball Cricket, Mini Cricket, Soccer, Cross country, Gymnastics, Squad Swimming

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Principal: Alfonso Pereira

Phone: 021 788 5910

Fax: 021 788 6398



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74 Main Road

St James

Cape Town


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74 Main Road

St James

Cape Town


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