St. Anthony's RC Primary School


About our School


The Holy Cross Sisters saw the need to provide education opportunities for the children of the mostly fishermen who lived in the area, and in 1916, St Anthony’s R.C. Primary was established.

The school which offered catholic education to the less-fortunate families in the area was aptly named after St Anthony, who is the patron saint of the poor. Saint Anthony, also known as the saint of the people, is known to be called upon through pray to intercede with God when items have been lost. (Picture of Saint Anthony holding the Christ child)  Due to the Group Areas Act, the Sisters were forced to seek land elsewhere to build a new school and in 1963 the last group of children relocated to the new building in Gordon Road, Heathfield where it is currently situated.

St Anthony’s prides itself on being an all-inclusive school where a diverse group of learners happily interact with each other and display a respect for all people irrespective of race, culture or religion.



Sport -Soccer, cricket, mini cricket, netball, table tennis, tennis, cross country, volleyball,

Dance—Liturgical and Hip Hop, Fitness club Art Club,

Computer Club; R.E. Club, Adventure Club, Photography, Public Speaking  




Contact Information


Principal: Colleen Rustin


Phone: 021 712 8026

Fax: 021 715 7989





Physical address:

7 Gordon Road




Postal address:

7 Gordon Road



Cape Town


Grades: Grade R, Grade 1-7

Enrolment: Co-ed


Postal and Street Address

4 Clare Road



Telephone:  +27 (0)21 761 6541

Contact Us

Fax: +27 (0)86730 4954 

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