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Catholic Schools Network

About Us

Who we are

The Cape Town Catholic Schools’ Office serves 38 schools in the Archdiocese of Cape Town as well as the Diocese of Oudtshoorn. Our network is comprised of a variety of different types of schools.  The vast majority of our schools are primary public schools on private property (PSPP’s).  We also have six secondary schools, a number of independent schools and schools that cater for children with disabilities. Our website contains a page on each of these schools as well as a links to their specific websites.

The distinctive nature of Catholic education

Catholic education has a rich and long legacy in our region.  Most of our schools were founded, many decades ago, by missionary congregations of courageous religious sisters and brothers who were inspired to transform the world through quality education.  Today, our schools are largely managed and governed by lay people but enormous time and energy has been invested in ‘passing on the flame’ of Catholic Education. Our Catholic Schools Board and Catholic Schools Trust conduct oversight of our schools and ensure that the founding vision is honoured.

Catholic education is rooted in the premise that a child is created in the image of God and is deserving of ‘life in abundance’ that was promised by our Lord.  To this end, the Catholic school espouses to educate holistically – mind, body and spirit.  A special emphasis is placed on Pastoral Care and Religious Education. Our schools embrace children and teachers from all religious and cultural backgrounds and seek to deepen their awareness of the Divine in their lives.


Services offered by the Catholic Schools Office

Our office offers a range of services:

  • Ethos and Religious Education courses, workshops, seminars and conferences

  • Leadership and Governance courses, workshops, seminars and conferences

  • Maintenance of Property support

  • School Management Team support

  • School Governing Body support

  • Owner support

  • Advisory and liaison services

All our forthcoming courses and events can be viewed under news and up-coming events


Keeping connected

The Catholic Schools Coordinating Council, Principals’ forum and Religious Educators’ forum coordinate a number of exciting events which bring the various Catholic Education stakeholders together. These events include, amongst others, sports and cultural festivals, massed choir performances, learner leadership programmes, retreat days for teachers, quiz evenings and social gatherings. A calendar of events is available and our photo gallery captures some of these special occasions. The organisation of these events is coordinated by a number of our principals and teachers who generously give of their time and talents to nurture connectivity within our network.

Evona Rebelo


4 Clare Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7800

Tel: (021) 761 6541
Cell: 083 222 1048
Office Cell: 081 218 0498

Catholic Schools Board (CSB) 2015:

From Left to Right
(Rear):  Sr. Kathy, Sr. Eva, Fr. Hugh, Sr. Lucie-Henriette 
(Front):  G. Stubbs, Sr. Flora, A. Dunn, E. Rebelo, S. Meehan, 
(Insert):  B. Fortuin


Catholic Schools Coordinating Council (CSCC) 2015:

From Left to Right
(Rear):  P. Jansen, S. Meehan, A. Thelen, M. Hoare, S. Ely, L. Mouton, E. Rebelo, G. Stubbs, I. Macranas
(Front) L. Corbello, A. Dunn (Chairperson), C. Darby-Michaels


Diocese of Oudtshoorn Schools Council (DOSC) 2015:

Religious Educators Forum Executive (RE Forum Exec) 2016

From Left to Right
S. Meehan, T. Mufweba, T. Newman, K. Jansen, L. Fouten, L. Van Neel; G. Stubbs, B. Sampson, D. Du Plooy


Principals Forum Executive 2016

From Left to Right
C. DArby-Michaels, G. Faulman, B. Houghton, R. Davids, G. February, B. Fisher, B. Fortuin


Sports Forum 2015:

FRONT (seated) (L to R):  P. Jansen (Marian High), C. Botha (St. Raphael’s), Z. Davis (Dominican School for Deaf), E. Rebelo (CSO), S. Ely (St. Joseph’s Marist College)
BACK (standing) (L to R):  J. Pillay (Holy Trinity), D. Jenkins (St. James), J. Jacobs (St. Anne’s), I. Macranas (Regina Coeli), S. Meehan (Springfield Jnr.), N. Goldman (St. John’s),
E. van der Merwe (CBC ST. John’s), A. Philander (St. Mary’s Retreat), A. Rossouw (St. Anthony’s), J. Koopman (Dominican School for Deaf).