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Learn to Live School of Skills

The school caters for learners aged 14 to 18 from at-risk backgrounds.

The Learn to Live School offers an integrated approach for youth, who due to their socio-economic circumstances, cannot gain access to, or cope with mainstream schooling. Learn to Live School of Skills follows Project-Based Learning (PBL) the primary teaching and learning methodology. This teaching methodology allows the school to cater more effectively to the needs of our learners, as it aligns well with the expectation of the workplace. PBL is an instructional approach designed to allow students to develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects set around challenges and problems they may face in the real world. PBL motivates students to connect with content areas whilst increasing their knowledge of a topic. It is a way to engage and give them responsibility for their learning.

The Learn to Live Programme is very much vocationally driven – our vision is to prepare and equip learners to function in the workplace and when they cannot be immediately placed in a job, our learners should have the confidence and skills to create their own jobs and future.

LIFESKILLS forms an integral part of our learning programme.

The learner’s work consists of individual presentations and group work which is assessed continuously throughout the year and the learners will, during the course of the year, collect and put all evidence of their learning into a Portfolio of Evidence which is also assessed. The number of learners per class is 26 to 36 learners, and our workshops cater for 14 to 20 students per workshop lesson. All the learners form part of a Literacy Programme which ensures that they can manage a certain level of literacy, which is a crucial requirement in the workplace. This is an Intervention Project within the Learn to Live Programme that significantly improves the Learner’s reading difficulties, resulting in the student being able to read independently and with comprehension, free from anxiety and better prepared for a successful transition into independent adulthood.                                     

The Learn to Live School is a 4-year programme. Our Learn-to-Live graduates either continue with leadership, find jobs, or start their small businesses or join one of our other Programmes.

The current vocational workshops on offer are:

1.         Hospitality

2.         Hairdressing

3.         Electrical

4.         Woodwork & Timber


Download the Admission requirement here

Download the Admission Forms here


Principal: Tony Austen

Phone: 021 425 1450


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Salesian Institute Youth Projects

2 Somerset
Cape Town
South Africa

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Salesian Institute Youth Projects

2 Somerset
Cape Town
South Africa

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