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Worcester rk primer

Worcester RC Primary opened its doors for the first time in January 1962 with Mrs S Neethling as the sole teacher. The school initially housed 23 Sub A leaners.  Over the next few years the number of learners increased and Mrs Fielies, Mrs Kleintjies and Mrs Grove were added to the staff to teach up to Standard 4. These founding teachers were remunerated by the Church,  but due to the efforts of Father Smeets, were eventually able to receive subsidies from the Department as the learners’ roll exceeded the 200 mark.


Tough times awaited the newly formed school. The school had endless problems with shortages of textbooks and scribblers, whilst the facilities and equipment was not up to standard. Father Buggenhout started a feeding scheme at the school to ease the plight of hungry learners. The staff did all the cooking themselves.


Mrs Neethling was in charge of religious studies in the school and her husband, Mr J Neethling, joined the staff in 1968 to become principal. The school expanded rapidly and more classrooms were required over the years. Eventually numbers increased to over 1000 and the school expanded to standard 6. Mr A Wilson and Mr W Issel were the successive principals respectively and in 2014 Mr P Noble became the most recent and current principal.


The school continues to go from strength to strength and has received many accolades in both academics and sports. There are currently 670 learners and the school now has a fully equipped Science Laboratory, a Khanya Computer Laboratory as well as a computer classroom. We now also pride ourselves with two pre-primary classes.

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Principal:Hubert Titus

Phone: 023 347 2425

Fax: 086 734 4031


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169 Parker Street



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Posbus 1483,


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